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We ThinkSmall™ to deliver big product innovations in machining and manufacturing, lubrication and energy, and strategic military applications to name a few. NanoMech® is focused on patented platform nanomanufacturing technologies that offer a broad range of high value market opportunities.
Featuring NanoMech CEO, Jim Phillips speaking about the future of nanotechnology.

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Small Is the New Big

Welcome to the Global Nanomanufacturing Engine

We ThinkSmall™ to deliver big product innovations. Our award winning innovations in critical application sectors are making a difference to improve quality of life. NanoMech was founded in 2002 and today the company has given the world breakthrough nano-innovations in machining and manufacturing, lubrication and energy, adaptive chemistries for advanced textile coatings, indestructible metal surface coatings, biomedical implant coatings and strategic military applications.

Every day, NanoMech is shipping globally to Fortune 100 companies as well as to emerging companies who have chosen to innovate their way to the top by incorporating our nano-engineered solutions into disruptive and far more competitive products. Overnight, NanoMech has brought revolutionary and transformative innovation to world leaders in energy manufacturing, exploration and service; auto, truck and marine manufacturing; Indy and NASCAR racing; agriculture and construction equipment manufacturers; refining and formulating lubrication manufacturers; aerospace manufacturing; textile manufacturers; and advanced military applications.

NanoMech invests in world class people, ideas and tools to increase competitiveness in the global marketplace. We bring ideas from innovation to implementation, introducing nanomanufactured products to target markets in record time. This has led to our development of The Best Grease in the World™, and The Best Cutting Tools in the World™. Nanomanufacturing is anticipated to be the fastest growing technological and commercial innovation in the 21st Century.

NanoMech is focused on patented platform nanomanufacturing technologies that offer a broad range of high value market opportunities. The operating vision of NanoMech is to be the Six Sigma world leader in nanomanufacturing innovation with swift product development and an emphasis on platform technologies that are scalable for efficient mass production.

We stand at the threshold of an age in which materials and devices can be fashioned atom-by-atom to satisfy specified design requirements. Nanotechnology-based applications are arising that were not even imagined a decade ago. The range of potential application is broad and will have enormous consequences for electronics, energy transformation and storage, materials, and medicine and health, to name a few examples. Indeed, the scope of this technology is so broad as to leave virtually no product untouched. U.S. Rep. Bart Gordon (D-Tenn.), Former Chairman of the House Committee on Science and Technology

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NanoMech’s GUARDx™ Chosen as Winner for 2016 Edison Award™

NanoMech CEO to Deliver Speech on Nanotechnology Innovation   Springdale, Arkansas – April 20, 2016. NanoMech, Inc. announced today that it has been named a winner for the prestigious Edison Award™ for its technology breakthrough, GUARDx™. GUARDx™ was selected by an independent judging panel out of thousands of entries in the Material Science category. The […]

NanoMech receives $10 Million investment from Saudi Aramco Energy Ventures

  FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE April 13, 2016   Media Contact NanoMech – Faye Keller 479.725.8003   NanoMech receives $10 Million investment from Saudi Aramco Energy Ventures   Springdale, Ark. – NanoMech announced today that it has secured $10 million for leading its Series C Financing round from Saudi Aramco Energy Ventures (SAEV), the corporate […]

How Thinking Small Can Pay Big

Published Feb, 1st by Arkansas Money & Politics By Erica Sweeney / Photography by Beth Hall     They have a very unique technology there, something that’s cutting edge…. We hope [NanoMech] continues to grow here in Arkansas. Nanotechnology is a cutting-edge technology, something that propels us into the next 10 years of jobs.” — Mike […]

Leaders in Functional Nanomaterials Manufacturing Target Southeast for Economic Growth

Published Nov, 16th by Georgia Tech Institute for Electronics and Nano Technology Writer: Roundtable Team (Lead writer and editor: Baratunde Cola)   Top industry, academic, and government representatives from Georgia, North Carolina, Tennessee, and Arkansas convened for a 1-day executive roundtable discussion on November 6, 2015 in the Marcus Nanotechnology Building on the campus of […]

NanoMech Launches Transport Division

    Published October 1, 2015 by AMP: Arkansas Money and Politics           Springdale-based NanoMech Inc. has announced the launch of the NanoMech Transport Division to address the trucking and railroad industries’ requirements for increased sustainability, performance, reliability and efficiency. The division incorporates the company’s lineup of products aimed at the transportation industry and […]

NanoMech Expands In Arkansas

NanoMech Expands In ArkansasCompany adds 12,000 square foot distribution center Springdale, Arkansas – August 7, 2015. NanoMech, Inc. expanded its storage and distribution capacity by leasing 12,000 square feet of additional warehouse and office space near its headquarters in Springdale, Arkansas. Continued increasing demand for the Company’s products prompted the need for additional warehouse capacity […]

NanoMech CEO Delivers Keynote to Brazil Innovation Congress

NanoMech CEO Delivers Keynote to Brazil Innovation Congress Sao Paulo, Brazil – NanoMech Chairman & CEO James Phillips provided the keynote address at the Brazilian Congress of Industrial Innovation Summit held today with three thousand attendees in Sao Paulo, Brazil. The event is an initiative of the Entrepreneurial Mobilization for Innovation (MEI), movement led by CNI (Confederation of […]

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NanoCorporation of America, a NanoMech subsidiary, provides investment and management/ technology incubation designed to support future growth in nanotechnology.
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