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Archive of January 2011

NanoMech founder and University of Arkansas engineering professor Ajay Malshe has been recognized by NanoBusiness Alliance as one of the country’s 10 most influential nanotechnology leaders of 2010.

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Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner traveled to northwest Arkansas on Friday to visit the plant and labs of NanoMech, a business that uses nanotechnology to manufacture a range of products, including biomedical implant coatings. Mr. Geithner used the occasion to tout a permanent, expanded version of the federal tax credit for research and experimentation.

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There’s gold in the Ozark Mountains – actually, a golden-colored coating made of cubic boron nitride that may be more valuable than any precious metal. Tufftek, one of many patented products Springdale-based NanoMech is introducing to the market, is a spray-on coating – second only to diamonds in hardness – that is capable of increasing the life of manufacturing cutting tools by 300 percent and often by much more, and all at only 5 to 10 percent additional cost.

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