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NMeTransSpringdale-based NanoMech Inc. has announced the launch of the NanoMech Transport Division to address the trucking and railroad industries’ requirements for increased sustainability, performance, reliability and efficiency.

The division incorporates the company’s lineup of products aimed at the transportation industry and creates a new section in the company, said NanoMech CEO Jim Phillips.


“While the outlook for trucking and freight revenues, and the industry in general, look extremely positive, with revenues predicted to double by 2025, industry leaders are on a constant search for
innovations to improve safety, reliability and performance of their fleets while at the same time reducing operating costs,” a news release about the launch said.GuardX-Multilayer

Phillips said NanoMech has hired a Director of Transport and Director of Transportation Technology, along with three additional production engineers. A
third shift will also help
with increased volume.

“The products are specifically engineered and designed to address the growing demands of trucking industry operating under extreme conditions,” he explained.

Products feature NanoMech’snGlide technology, which the company has trademarked as “The Best Grease in the World,” to improve maintenance and operability.


Products falling under the Transport Division include:

  • The TriboTuff Ultra Red Truck Grease for truck and tractor chassis lubrication, which extends the lubrication intervals through advanced nanoengineered science. The grease provides extreme pressure protection, the longest-water resistance, maximum operating temperature tolerances and enhanced best corrosion resistance.
  • The TriboTuff Dielectric Grease, utilizing macro-molecular technologies, provides anti-corrosion, non-flammability, water resistance, sealing, electrical resistivity and dielectric strength for truck electrical systems.
  • GuardX, a multi-functional coating, provides wear, corrosion, water and ultra-violet resistance for trucks, trailers and components, including undercarriages, truck beds and wheels. GuardX coatings are applied using an easy and economical process that  isolates components from environmental contaminates.

“These advanced products will instantly increase trucking industry performance, efficiency and sustainability,” Phillips said.

“We have fully validated our products’ performance with leading fleet owners and [original equipment manufacturers]. Arkansas is the epicenter of heavy duty trucking in the United States and is the perfect location for us to manufacture and service our customers in this high-growth demanding industry.”

NanoMech chief technology officer and founder Ajay Malshe added, “Advanced lubrication and corrosion prevention are the top priorities for extending life and performance for the private and for-hire truck fleets. These lubrication and corrosion problems originate at nanoscale. Our nanoengineered TriboTuff and GuardX technologies and products are scientifically designed to eradicate these industrywide issues.”






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