AtomLube® Dielectric Lubricant 

AtomLube® Dielectric Lubricant is a multifunctional protective coating for corrosion protection, high voltage discharge resistance, extreme temperature protection, excellent lubrication, chemical inertness and fire retardancy. Easy-to-apply and non-curing, all you need is <1mm of AtomLube® lubricant for coating all electrical terminals.

Vehicles are increasingly going through major electrification. For example, one of the major safety concerns in HD trucks and passenger vehicles is the catastrophic failure of electrical systems due to corrosion and rusting by long-term deposition of road salts from icy roads, dirt and debris ( This problem of rusting and electrical discharging initiates at nanoscale asperities on electrical terminals and needs protection at nanoscale with multiple functional protections. AtomLube® Dielectric Lubricant is nanoengineered macromolecular product to protect all types of electrical terminals, from LED lights to batteries to sensors.

Patented AtomLube® Dielectric Lubricant differentiates itself not only by multifunctional protection but also in super-hydrophobicity like the lotus leaf, and fire retardancy. It keeps electrical systems away from moisture and corrosives to extend service life and avoid catastrophic failure caused by short circuits and power loss, while providing extremely high dielectric strength and thermal conductivity. Compared to legacy products, AtomLube® doubles dielectric strength, provides 90%+ enhancement in water resistance, and no corrosion over 1000+ hours in accelerated (1.5 years) salt fog spray validated by SAE J2334 and triples Navistar OEM corrosion specs. This innovation only costs 1/2 to 1/4 of traditional dielectric products.

AtomLube® Dielectric Lubricant is a “one-step-apply” product for electrical protection in assembly/maintenance for not only automotive and HD trucking, but also for aerospace and utilities industries. It extends electrical component life and saves energy by reducing losses, and provides fault tolerance in electrical/mechanical maintenance errors due to extended corrosion and electrical discharge protection without being degraded by harsh environments. Though it is designed to protect electrical systems, it is also positioned for applications in industrial sectors where corrosion protection, lubrication, chemical inertness, sustainability, etc. are imminent. It is providing millions of dollars in savings to consumers.

Traditional dielectric products do not provide protection at nanoscale. It causes serious limitation in offering adequate dielectric protection and water resistance from splashing water, for example, on battery terminals of trucks. They offer limited application method requiring VOC spray, and/or requires high temperature and long times to cure which hurts productivity. AtomLube® delivers multi functionality at nanoscale for corrosion protection, resistance to lubricant removal under power wash (hydrophobicity), high dielectric strength, -40° to +400° F operating temperature, no environmental degradation and fire retardancy along with benefits of non-staining, environmental friendliness and higher profits.

AtomLube Dielectric Lubricant

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