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nGlide® Superflo Coating Lubricant Makes Superior Aerodynamic Vehicles Possible James M. Phillips, Chairman & CEO NanoMech being interviewed by Jeff Hayzlett, Primetime TV and Podcast Host, Keynote Speaker, Best-Selling Author Astro Teller, Captain of Moonshots at X, and James M. Phillips, Chairman & CEO NanoMech Edison Awards Panel Discussion – The Future Belongs to Those [...]Continue Reading
NanoMech Named Edison Awards Winner

Springdale, Ark. (April 18, 2014) – TuffTek by NanoMech has been named a 2014 Award Winner by the internationally renowned Edison Awards™. The distinguished awards, inspired by Thomas Edison’s persistence and inventiveness, recognize innovation, creativity and ingenuity in the global economy. “It’s exciting to see companies like NanoMech continuing Thomas Edison’s legacy of challenging conventional […]

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NanoBusiness Commercialization Association Honors NanoMech Leaders

The NanoBusiness Commercialization Association (NanoBCA) has honored two Nanomech leaders, Jim Phillips, Chairman, president and CEO, and Dr. Ajay Malshe, chief technology officer, on its Most Influential Nanotechnology Leaders List of 2011

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Nanomech poised to revolutionize the Arkansas and International econcomy

There’s gold in the Ozark Mountains – actually, a golden-colored coating made of cubic boron nitride that may be more valuable than any precious metal. Tufftek, one of many patented products Springdale-based NanoMech is introducing to the market, is a spray-on coating – second only to diamonds in hardness – that is capable of increasing the life of manufacturing cutting tools by 300 percent and often by much more, and all at only 5 to 10 percent additional cost.

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NanoMech Recognized for Excellence in Innovation

U.S. Under Secretary of Commerce for Technology, Robert Cresanti, presented NanoMech, LLC with a Recognition of Excellence in Innovation certificate as part of a roundtable discussion on “Overcoming Barriers to Nanotechnology Commercialization.”

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NanoMech Receives 2006 Innovation Award

NanoMech, LLC has received an award from R&D Magazine for producing one of the 25 most innovative and ground-breaking technologies of 2006. NanoMech won the award for its nanostructured cubic boron nitride coatings for cutting tools and other wear applications.

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Frost & Sullivan Selects NanoMech for Technology Award

NanoMech, LLC has received a 2005 Award for Excellence in Technology from Frost & Sullivan, a global growth consulting company known for its high-quality research on market trends, growth opportunities, and important new technologies. Frost & Sullivan’s Excellence in Technology Award is bestowed upon a company that has pioneered the development and introduction of an innovative technology into the market; a technology that has either impacted or has the potential to impact several market sectors.

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