NanoMarkets and Applications

The broad market segment in which NanoMech is competing is nanomanufacturing. NanoMech has focused on platform nanomanufacturing technologies that offer a broad range of high value market opportunities:

Nanoparticle Deposition Systems

Patented systems that create very uniform, conformal coatings of micro- and nano-scale particles. Modular and scalable from benchtop to large-scale systems for coating large areas.

Nanocomposite Materials

Polymer-nanoparticle composites for applications requiring very high strength and light weight. High strength polymers strengthened with ceramic nanoparticles through a novel patent-pending process; initially designed for protective armor applications (e.g., body armor, vehicle armor).

Nanolubricants and Lubricant Coatings

Solid lubricant coating on top of base hard coating to provide lubricity and wear resistance. One version of this uses a patent-pending biomimetic approach in which the surface of the base coating is similar to that of a lotus leaf and the solid lubricant resides in reservoirs created by the peaks and valleys of the underlying hard layer so that it can replenish itself. Tribological nanocoatings are projected to grow from $84 million annual market in 2007 to $618 million by 2012.

Nanoparticles of an inorganic solid lubricant encapsulated in biodegradable oil and a proprietary multi-purpose emulsifier. Patent-pending nanomanufacturing technique. Can be dispersed in a variety of commercial oils and greases to prepare stable application-specific advanced lubricants. Especially effective in extreme pressure applications. Very stable as an additive and an excellent choice as an environmentally benign advanced lubricant. Lubricant market is about $50 billion annually. U.S. only additive market is about $1.7 billion annually.

Nanoengineered Polymers

Nanoparticles embedded polymers, fiber matrix and surfaces offering properties such as antimicrobial and ability to extend life of fresh produce and reduce waste. Patent pending process for low cost nanoparticles based additive that are embedded in the polymers.