Patented and patents-pending nanomanufacturing processes allow NanoMech innovators to design and integrate new materials at nano-scale (10-9m – the size of a chain of 10 hydrogen atoms) to realize high-value, high-performance products. NanoMech’s recent breakthroughs span critical industry sectors:

AtomLube® TheAtomLube® line of products are ultra-performance greases, sealants, and pastes specially designed for various application sectors including petroleum, automotive, EV transportation, heavy-duty trucking, agriculture, construction, marine, racing, sports, industrial, space, military and more.

AtomOil™ The AtomOil™ line of products are extreme performance lubricating oils specifically designed for various application sectors including oil & gas, marine, racing, agriculture, mining, automotive & EV transportation, industrial, die casting and machining, construction, earthmovers, aerospace, military and others.

nGlide® (patent-pending) is an advanced lubricant designed through nanoengineered multi-functional formulations for loaded components. nGlide® addresses a global need to save energy and enhance durability of equipment.

GuardX™ is a revolutionary, breakthrough, nanoengineered functional skin (overlay/coating) for extreme-temperature fireproofing, antiwear, total corrosion elimination, superior min-max temperature stability and immunity to microbial infestation.

TuffTek®  the world’s first cubic boron nitride coating on carbide tools and wear parts – is used in machining and manufacturing.

nGuard®  is a patent-pending, safe and cost effective, multi-component additive for sustainable product applications in a variety of industry sectors. nGuard® is an antimicrobial composite particle providing high surface area for highly effective antimicrobial activity.