The AtomLube® line of products are ultra-performance greases, sealants, and pastes specially designed for various application sectors including petroleum, automotive, EV transportation, heavy-duty trucking, agriculture, construction, marine, racing, sports, industrial, space, military and more. AtomLube® greases and pastes are powered by patented and patent-pending nGlide® breakthrough macromolecular technology. This delivers critical performance functions such as extreme pressure, anti-wear, anti-friction, corrosion protection, extreme temperature stability, and others at nano- and micron- scale asperities of mating surfaces for critical mechanical components including gears, bearings, valves, electrical contacts, chassis points, and others. These application-critical functional problems are at nanoscale, so solutions must be at nano-scale. This is where traditional technologies break down. The breakthrough nGlide technology enables major extension of service life, tremendously lowers maintenance cost, and provides unsurpassed sustainability when using AtomLube® products. The AtomLube® line of products are available in all thickeners, base oils and NLGI numbers.

NanoMech field engineers are the world’s best experts to work hand-in-hand with customers to select right application-specific products using rigorous test data from world-class labs and test facilities at NanoMech and in the field.

Following are Key Benefits though not limited to—

• Excellent wear and extreme pressure (EP) protection
• Extremely low friction (or friction tuned for specific applications)
• Exceptional water and corrosion resistance
• Superior oxidation and corrosion stability
• Extended service life
• Extended operating conditions
• Significant energy saving and sustainability

AtomLube® products are currently used by many Fortune 500 companies and makes all other comparable lubricants obsolete through our patented Nano-engineered and Nano-manufactured processes and methods.

Partial list of our Market Leading AtomLube® Products:

• UltraRed Trucking Grease
• Ultra Synthetic HS Bearing Grease
• Ultra Synthetic Racing Grease
• Dielectric Grease Gel
• Dielectric Grease Spray
• Ultra Coupling Grease
• Ultra Performance Gearbox Grease
• Premium Performance Gearbox Grease
• HD Industrial General Purpose Grease
• Ultra Frack Stack Grease
• Ultra Performance Non-melt Grease
• Ultra Hydrocarbon Resistant Greases and Sealants (three grades)
• Ultra Synthetic Steam Valve Grease
• Food Grade Multi-purpose Grease (H1 and H2)
• Premium Performance Water Resistant Grease and Sealant
• HD Ultra Synthetic Valve Grease
• HD Anti-seize Paste (non-metal)
• Copper Anti-seize
• Ultra Low Torque Grease
• Chisel Paste
• Plunger Packaging Grease
• Premium Degreaser