The AtomOilTM line of products are extreme performance lubricating oils specifically designed for various application sectors including oil and gas, marine, racing, agriculture, mining, automotive and EV transportation, industrial, die casting and machining, construction, earthmovers, aerospace, military and others. AtomOil products are powered by patented and patent-pending nGlide® breakthrough macromolecular technology, to deliver leading, critical performance functions such as extreme pressure, anti-wear, anti-friction, corrosion protection, extreme temperature stability and others at nano- and micron- scale asperities of mating surfaces for critical mechanical components including gears, bearings, valves, chassis points and others. All of these application-critical functional problems are at nanoscale, so the solutions must also be at nano-scale to improve performance, efficiency, reliability, safety and sustainability. This renders traditional micron-scale technologies obsolete. The breakthrough AtomOil technology enables major extension of service life, tremendously reduces maintenance cost, and provides unequaled and guaranteed performance enhancements. The AtomOil™ line of products is available in PAO, synthetic and blended oils with various viscosities. They can be custom designed for virtually any purpose or application, whether vehicular, robotic, retail, subsea, or outer space.

NanoMech field engineers are the world’s best experts to work hand-in-hand with customers to select the right application-specific products and breakthrough innovations using rigorous test data from our world-class laboratories and test facilities, at NanoMech and in the field.

AtomOilTM products are currently used or about to be adopted by many Fortune 100 and 500 companies.

Key Benefits Include

  • The best wear and EP protection by formation of robust tribofilms and overcoat wear debris
  • Superior protection in break-in period and cold starts by early activation of additive chemistry
  • Extreme thermal and oxidation stability
  • Outstanding corrosion resistance
  • Shear stable
  • Varnish resistance
  • Foaming resistance
  • Extended service life and range
  • Significantly reduced maintenance/downtime
  • Increased labor savings
  • Improved energy savings and sustainability

A sample of our market-leading AtomOil products:

  1. Ultra Way Lube
  2. Ultra Plunger Lubricant
  3. Premium Hydraulic Oil
  4. Premium Turbine Oil
  5. Ultra Synthetic ATF (Advanced Transmission Fluid)
  6. Ultra Synthetic Racing Gear Oil
  7. Ultra Engine Conditioning Treatment
  8. Premium Engine Conditioning Treatment
  9. Premium Gun Oil
  10. Premium Performance Assembly Oil