ElementX® represents NanoMech’s® newest platform that is in a very advanced research and development stage. This new technology breakthrough provides custom engineered pure metal and alloy nano-powders specifically designed to provide NanoMech® with breakthrough nano ingredients for our many new inventions, adding extreme differentiation and novel enhancements to our platforms.  In the near future, these one of a kind nano-powders will solve the unique problems of our customers, adding significant value to their products. With a growing number of applications, the demand for custom-designed nano-powders is increasing. At NanoMech®, we are experts at meeting the demand for unique particles with defined particle size, purity and morphology, resulting in superior end-product performance. Our goal is to develop and commercialize into a wide variety of applications, revolutionary pure metal and alloy nano-powders.

Our proprietary nano bias-assisted saturation (nBiAS®), process platform produces a wide variety of dry as well as functionalized nanoparticles delivered in application specific mediums and shipped in custom critical packaging. We believe these unique new material solutions deliver “more functions while using less quantities of natural metals” for application sectors such as energy, energetics, hydrocarbon supply chain, agriculture and other infrastructure rich sustainable economies.

nBiAS® technology is modular, plug-and-play and scalable in offering immediate functional values at affordable prices for advanced product solutions.

Our ElementX® platform will usher in a 3-Dimensional periodic table, we refer to as n3D®.