NanoMech’s GUARDx™ product platform embodies nano-engineered overlay/coating encapsulation that offers superior protection and remarkably enhances the functional life of a vast array of industrial components and surfaces operating in harsh conditions. GUARDx coating products have been manufactured with cutting-edge compositional structures including metallic, ceramics, organic, and inorganic composite chemistries to yield exceptional resistance to corrosion, wear, abrasion, thermal excursion, cyclic thermal stress, friction, and environmental degradation.

The three product categories as follows:

1. Corrosion Inhibiting Soft Coatings
a. GUARDx™ Premium Corrosion Inhibitor: Oil-Based Film
GUARDx premium corrosion inhibitor leaves a smooth and tacky hydrophobic film upon drying that is easy to apply and cleanup.  It is a premium chemically inert corrosion inhibitor manufactured with high-performance base oil and proprietary cutting-edge nanoengineered additives. The coating film yields outstanding short and long-term corrosion inhibition, moisture resistance, UV resistance, hydrolytic stability, lubrication, and dielectric properties for interior and exterior multimetal protection. The product is available in multiple packaging options including aerosol cans with options of fully organic or hybrid (organic-inorganic) corrosion inhibiting chemistries.

b. GUARDx™ Premium Corrosion Inhibitor: Dry Film
This premium corrosion inhibitor is ideal for applications requiring a dry protective film that is easy to apply and cleanup. The solvent-based inhibitor consists of high performing organic corrosion inhibiting formula with hydrophobic nanocomposite to yield outstanding short and long-term corrosion inhibition and moisture repellency. The coating film dries rapidly to leave a transparent protective film compatible with multimetal surfaces.

Application areas: Flash, short, and long-term corrosion inhibition for metallic surfaces and components of manufacturing (machined parts, castings, forgings, etc.), gas & oil, petrochemical, agricultural, flow equipment, transportation, automotive, and other industrial sectors.

2. Durable Polymeric Coatings
GUARDx™ polymeric coatings are the next generation of superior performance chemical-resistant coatings that provides excellent protection to metallic components against harsh and complex corrosive conditions. The coating enamels are manufactured with high-performance polymer resins and proprietary cutting-edge nanoengineered additives and particles for superior multimetal DTM adhesion and protection of components and surfaces against detrimental elements- chemical corrosion, moisture, environmental, and chemo-physical degradation in exterior and interior applications. The enamels are available as solvent-based and as well as water-based products with ultra-low VOC content and multiple color finishes including optically clear option. Offered products are listed below:

a. GUARDx™ Premium O500 Enamel
This premium interior and exterior use solvent-based enamel is recommended for structural and industrial applications requiring good corrosion resistance, gasoline resistance, moisture/water resistance, and weatherability. Capable of passing 250-500 hours of ASTM B117 salt spray resistance. Application sectors include gas & oil, industrial maintenance, structural steel coatings, implement, and utility enamels.

b. GUARDx™ Premium W500A Enamel
The premium interior and exterior use water-based enamel is recommended for undercoat and topcoat applications requiring outstanding corrosion resistance, very fast set, and quick air-drying. Capable of passing up to 1000 hours of ASTM B117 salt spray resistance. Application areas include, general industrial and maintenance coating, gas & oil, Auto OEM, vehicle refinish and fleet.

c. GUARDx™ Premium W500H Enamel
This premium interior and exterior use water-based enamel is based on a hybrid acrylic-alkyd composition with ultralow VOC content. The enamel is recommended as corrosion resistant coating with excellent hydrolytic and freeze-thaw stability, good outdoor durability, and excellent replacement for solventborne alkyd enamels. Capable of passing up to 250 hours of ASTM B117 salt spray resistance. Applications include industrial topcoats, decorative coatings, and architectural trim coatings.

d. GUARDx™ Ultra O2000 Enamel
This ultra premium 2k acrylic-based coating offers exceptional chemical and corrosion resistance, exterior durability, gloss retention, early hardness development, water resistance, and flexibility. Capable of resisting over 2000 hours of ASTM B117 salt spray corrosion. Application areas include industrial topcoats for transportation, automotive, chemical maintenance, construction equipment, gas & oil, marine, and also as high-performance fast-dry coatings for wood and plastics.

e. GUARDx™ Ultra W2000 Enamel
This ultra premium 2k acrylic based coating has similar properties as of GUARDx™ Ultra O2000 product, with the exception of being a water-based paint system with ultralow VOC content. This highly durable, abrasion, and chemical-resistant coating is recommended for use in commercial transport, automotive, construction and other machinery, gas & oil, marine, and other industrial applications.

f. GUARDx™ Surface Protectant
GUARDx™ surface protectant is an advanced 2k-paint system with outstanding UV durability, water resistance, gloss retention, distinctness of image, fast dry/cure, and excellent balance of hardness and flexibility. Suggested applications include clear coats for automotive-OEM, refinishes, and spot repairs, monocoats for vehicle refinish and transportation, and high-performance industrial coatings.