The nGlide® technology platform is the internationally awarded patented and patents-pending macromolecular™ innovation powered by NanoMech’s novel nano-inspired engineering.

It is the next generation of advanced lubrication. The technology is manufactured at nano-scale and is convergent-assembled at molecular scale in our factory into the final commercial product stage.  nGlide® additive systems are specially architected multi-component chemistry at sub-micron scale formulated into the TriboTuff® and AtomOil™ greases, pastes and oils.

This nano-inspired breakthrough technology extends the life and performance of the hydrocarbon supply chain through dramatic reductions in friction and wear where energy losses are staggering. This includes boundary lubrication and extending durability of mechanical parts to provide sustainability. Through the nGlide® suite of lubricant additive packages, our proprietary nano-science brings together unique abilities of organic and inorganic macromolecular™ lubrication chemistries for a range of advanced industrial applications for gas and oil, general and machining industries, robotics, automotive and transportation, aerospace, marine, heavy duty military, agriculture and construction, and other critical sectors for both new and used equipment.

This addresses the global need to increase performance, efficiency, while saving energy and enhancing durability and sustainability of components.

nGlide® chemistries reduce friction by orders of magnitude over traditional solid particles-based lubricants as well as liquid lubricant chemistries. This innovation goes beyond the scope of fullerene, graphene, carbon nanotubes and similar nano-lubricants, outperforming all other lubricants so dramatically, that nGlide® renders them obsolete.

nGlide® is so effective in lowering the coefficient of friction that it borders on establishing frictionless lubrication scenarios.

The nGlide® powered fully formulated lubricant products such as TriboTuff® and AtomOil™ have attained global commercial success validated in multiple industrial applications under the most extreme and harsh operating conditions. The nGlide® additive packages are produced with flexible chemistries that can be tailored to fit any end-user application requirements as a top treatment to pre-formulated or to base oils (mineral as well as synthetic) and grease products from multiple small and large lubricant manufacturers and refineries. nGlide® additive packages are smart drop-in solutions that fight friction and wear between mating components under boundary lubrication and the resulting delivery mechanisms protect the underlying surfaces from wear and tear due to such aggressive interactions of surfaces.

The nano-inspired macromolecular™ additives provide robust surface engineering which enables the lubricants to enter the tightest of tolerances between the asperities of mating surfaces including formation of tribofilm with novel self-replenishment and overcoat of wear and contaminate debris.

The nGlide® formulations and architectures at sub-micron scale demonstrate multi-functionality by lowering friction, reducing wear, enhancing extreme pressure (EP) properties, extended service operating ranges (subsea, space, arctic, arid) and life extension, enhanced water and corrosion resistance, fire retardant and other complementary properties. The mechanical components where formulations already bring dramatic performance increases include valves, hydraulic pumps, engines, compressors, turbines, die-casting machines, differentials, gear boxes, chassis components, electrical systems, MQL machining and many other machine parts of all types under constant attack from the forces of friction.

The nGlide® additive delivered tribofilm is the last line of defense in the war of mechanical surfaces fighting severe friction!

The innovative open architecture of nGlide® science allows for infinite formulation application possibilities that can be designed and produced very quickly. These chemistries can also be applied in the form of coatings using NanoMech’s NanoSpray® technology.