nGuard® technology platform is a proprietary and patent-pending multi-component additive for sustainable product applications in a variety of industry sectors. nGuard® is a cost-effective coating and additive to fabric, polymer and wood materials. In particular, nGuard®-F is highly adaptive and a drop-in solution for various modern fabrics used in body-armor vests and carriers, as well as many other manufactured materials. NanoMech has created a unique antimicrobial composite functional delivery system that combines proven metal-mineral complexes. This composite delivery vehicle provides high efficacy for antimicrobial functionality. Various application specific chemistries of nGuard® platform are engineered using unique convergent assembly processes. nGuard® is a tested and durable product.

Given its excellent performance, the nGuard® platform can be utilized in a variety of military,  civilian, sports, recreation, clothing, and industrial applications including examples like:

  • Coatings for clothing that guard against bacteria.
  • Functional coatings and additives for composite decking that prevents mold and mildew from forming as well as color fading.

nGuard® is continually expanding in terms of capability from ongoing research and development for expanded markets and applications.