TuffTek® is the internationally recognized surface engineering platform innovation incorporating NanoMech’s patented and patent pending nano-manufactured coatings, referred to by Cutting Tool Engineering magazine as the “Holy Grail of Coating” in the industry.

The new standard in cutting tool performance enhancement has arrived and is positioned to accommodate all market segments. NanoMech offers a suite of revolutionary combinatorial nano-manufacturing technologies that greatly enhance the overall performance of numerous varieties of cutting tools and wear parts. NanoMech’s award winning technologies include the patented and patent-pending TuffTek® extreme wear resistant coating product lines which provide a breakthrough increase in performance never achieved before. Due to their unique coatings, our TuffTek® machine tools exhibit an increased lifespan over traditional cutting tools by up to 1000% and beyond. The combination of exceptional wear resistance and unsurpassed toughness brings TuffTek® nSert® cutting tools performance beyond any other cutting insert presently on the market. TuffTek® has the ability to increase productivity when machining the most common materials including pre-hardened and hardened steel, and other difficult-to-machine materials. TuffTek® cutting tools can achieve wear life beyond conventionally coated tools and can even approach and exceed the wear life offered by traditional polycrystalline cubic boron nitride (PCBN) compact tools. High cost, brittleness, and limited choices of tool geometries are significant issues of concern with PCBN compact tools. Our cubic boron nitride (cBN) and other combinatorial technologies, offer advanced innovative solutions to these issues. The TuffTek® platform is continuously being updated.

Since cBN has proven to be exceptionally difficult to reliably deposit using conventional techniques such as physical vapor deposition and chemical vapor deposition. NanoMech’s patented and patent-pending coating processes uniquely solve the problems associated with creating cBN based coatings. Various versions of  TuffTek® solutions can also be applied to chip breaker style carbide inserts and does not require a T-land or K-land. TuffTek® solutions can also be applied on various state-of-the-art ceramic inserts. TuffTek® benefits also include improved surface finishes, increased levels of productivity, and the realization of huge cost savings. TuffTek® offers a cost effective solution that provides the opportunity for your company to maintain a competitive edge in a global market. Our revolutionary new cost-saving, nanotechnology-based products make tools last longer and perform better than ever before!