NanoMech seeks out methods to extend the use and performance of Mother Earth’s material resources by discovering novel improved ways for elements and materials to be used. The company firmly believes that utilizing resources to their fullest extent is a responsible business practice both fiscally and environmentally. Nothing that happens at NanoMech is routine, including the company’s sustainability efforts. The goals of a NanoMech technician are always to make the most of finite raw materials. We often take what most people consider to be the “leftovers” and make them into something practical and technologically advanced.

Nanotechnology represents the best of sustainable practices because nanomanufacturing finds ways to exponentialize materials, reduce waste, reuse elements and recycle materials, always considering how to make less…more! Our product nGlide®, a nanolubricant, is an excellent example of sustainability efforts. Enhanced lubrication reduces the wear and tear on tools and machinery, extending the life of those machines and components by years. Our nanoengineered lubricant technology also increases energy efficiency by drastically improving systems performance.

Due to their unique coatings, our TuffTek® machine tools exhibit an increased lifespan over traditional cutting tools by up to 1000% and beyond. This can both increase performance and save materials such as tungsten carbide for future generations while saving manufacturers worldwide millions of dollars each year. These are just two examples of many unique sustainability solutions that NanoMech has pioneered.